All is filled with joy and hope 
when spring returns.

Friedrich Schiller




Female Composers


Male Composers




A time we are earnestly awaiting full of joy and hope and a theme that inspires not only us but also many artists over and over again.

Hanna Bachmann has chosen four works for piano solo that epitomize the awakening of the nature, the colourful blossoming, and the spirit of spring. These classical pieces were composed between 1839 and 1937. The names of the composers and the selected pieces of this tetralogy will remain a surprise until the release of the 10- to-20-minute videos, one per weekend starting March 26th. What can be revealed already though is that besides two famous male composers, you will also have the opportunity to discover two female composers, who have been in the shadow of their male colleagues, and who Hanna Bachmann will hereby bring to the centre stage.

Before interpreting the music, Hanna Bachmann will share a personal introduction to the works as well as their composers.

Enjoying Music from Living Room to Living Room

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